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Please be assured that the information you provide below is NOT given away to anyone for any reason. It is needed to make sure we can provide you with the information you have requested. The form below is for those couples looking for full service wedding ceremony information. If you’re looking for Elopement services in San Diego, please visit Elope to San Diego.

We are very humbled and blessed to be some of the busiest Wedding Officiants in the area. (performing over 200 ceremonies each and every year!) Please note that by submitting this form and by setting an interview appointment in person, phone or video conference, does not constitute an agreement of services for your ceremony date. Your ceremony date and time can only be secured with a non-refundable retainer. During the busy wedding season, we can meet with many couples for the same date and time and it remains an open date until secured with a deposit.

We understand that some couples wish to delegate wedding day tasks to family, friends coordinators and planners. We do not work third and MUST work directly with the couple regarding planning, ceremony needs, desires, costs and booking. The ceremony is too personal to be tasked to someone else and we appreciate your understanding.

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