Investment | Why are Officiant prices so different?

Investment and why are Officiant prices so different?

Investment? We wish we had the simple answer for you… We see local San Diego Officiant services on WeddingWire and The Knot that vary from $250 to $795 (even a few over $1,000). We also see Officiants from Orange and Los Angeles counties who would love to spend the weekend in San Diego and charge even higher rates. Essentially, prices vary from Location to Location, Officiant to Officiant, Celebrant to Celebrant, Minister to Minister.

Our best advice would be; 1) look for a Celebrant from your area 2) with a good reputation, 3) plenty of experience, 4) great reviews and avoid any celebrant that says “Plus this or that”  (i.e. Travel Fees, Mileage, Gratuity). Read our Tips to save Officiant costs below on how we save our couples money (It will help when speaking with others).
Our current Rate is: $600.00*
Military Discount Available
In an effort to help our couples, we have not raised our rate since (Pre-covid) 2019
We base our rate on our experience (20+ years) . Between just the two of us, we have presented over 6,000 (SIX THOUSAND) wedding ceremonies! Really, just between the two of us! We’re not some puppy mill referral Officiant service and, we’ve won numerous industry and peer awards. In addition we’ve also donated over 650 FREE ceremonies to our active military with our Military Mondays outreach here in San Diego!
We’re proud to say that we won the San Diego Better Business Bureau Torch Award for professionalism and marketplace Ethics. The ONLY San Diego Officiant to win this award… EVER!
We’ve learned a thing or two that helps to make our time at the altar with you seamless and lighthearted, keeping you very comfortable. Trust us, we know there will always be Oops and Uh-Oh’s on your wedding day, we just help make sure you don’t experience them.
We know first hand the effects COVID19 has had including the financial impact on; venues, vendors and couples. To help, our rate has not increased in 2022 and is the same as it was in 2019!
What’s included in your investment with us?:

  • Unlimited Communications. (Phone|Email|Text and Teleconferencing via Zoom | FaceTime | GoogleMeet).
  • Ceremony
  • Filing of your Marriage License following your ceremony. (upon request)
  • We provide our own lapel mic free of charge (wired and wireless) that plugs into your DJ’s system.
  • In the event you need audio support, we offer CEREMONY AUDIO service (much less than a DJ charges)

Tips to save Officiant costs:

  • We don’t charge more based on the amount of guests. Two or two hundred, it’s the same rate.
  • We don’t charge more because you’re getting married on a weekend.
  • We don’t charge extra for Holiday’s, if we’re available to serve, it’s the same rate! 
  • We don’t charge extra for travel time or mileage if in our service area.
  • We don’t charge you anything to file your Marriage License. (Pssssst, It’s actually your Officiant’s responsibility).
  • We don’t attend your reception. (saving you the “vendor meal per head” charges)
We prefer P2P payment of ApplePay or Cash (saves us banking fees).
*Additional fee for locations out of our service area.