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Military Mondays: Returns to service in 2020!

“Serving those that serve us” it’s our way of saying THANK YOU to the men and women of our Armed Forces wishing to have a romantic and lighthearted ceremony on the waterfront rather than an impersonal civil ceremony at the Courthouse. In addition to our ceremonies are always lighthearted, fun, happy… our ceremonies can be more than just the civil/secular offered and the courthouse. The ceremony can be blended with spiritual and religious elements that reflect our couples faiths and beliefs without judgement or religious agenda.

Since 2007, over 650 military couples have been presented a romantic and lighthearted elopement ceremony without personal judgement or religious agenda – Free of charge!.

Our couples are provided FREE OF CHARGE:

  • A waterfront ceremony with up to 4 (Four) Guests.
  • A personal choice ceremony (Civil, Spiritual or Christian).
  • Photography with print release.
  • Signing of Marriage License (with witness if needed) and filing with the issuing County Clerk if requested.
  • We also contact San Diego wedding vendors that may be able to offer flowers, music and videography!

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