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Wedding questions most commonly asked by our couples can be found on this page. Call us if you have additional wedding questions not found here!

What is your Denomination?
Although we are Christians, we serve our couples as a Non-Denominational Chaplains. This allows us to better serve our couples and help in acknowledging their beliefs and faiths. The benefit of using a Chaplain is; We serve couples without a hidden religious or personal agenda. It’s your wedding day, not ours!

Are you certified to perform ceremonies?
Yes, of course, we meet the requirements of not only the State of California but across America. BUT, please don’t let the word “Certified or Licensed” give you peace of mind with your Officiant choice. In California there is NO LICENSE OR CERTIFICATION training or requirements. Some Officiants/Celebrants add these words to sound.. well, sound better? Here’s a scary thing; Did you know that by simply going online you can get ordained and by sending $25 you get a legitimate ordination certificate? Here’s one better, you can get your dog, cat or goldfish or whoever else ordained? You can actually do it for someone else without them knowing!!!! Being certified and having a religious title (you get to choose the title you want when you order online) does not automatically mean experienced. Not to say those wedding celebrants that have this type of certification are not legal nor are they any less or more qualified to perform a wedding ceremony. We simply state this so you fully understand that there is more to performing a ceremony than the certificate one holds. Remember that your ceremony is the reason everyone has gathered and you want to make sure the person performing your ceremony is experienced to handle not only the ceremony but all the little “Ooops” and “Uh-Oh’s” that can….and will happen during the ceremony.

Do you work with Wedding Coordinator/Planners?
Of course and we have a wonderful reputation with many of the areas professionals however, but, alas…. One must remember that your wedding day is actually two separate events; Your Ceremony and Your Reception. Although most event planners participate in the ceremony by making sure the florists, D-Jay or musicians and staff have everything ready and will usually participate in the sending out and receiving of the wedding party (Processional and Recessional) they are not clergy and those who intrude into the ceremony planning and in the ceremony on the day of the event are going beyond the scope of their experience and authority, this intrusion is unwelcome and unprofessional.

Do you have any restrictions or rules for photographers/videographers?
Only two; first, don’t embarrass my bride and groom and second, do not stop the processional or recessional for a photograph. Other than that, it’s wide open. The way I see it; you’re spending a lot of money to capture these memories, who are we to set restrictions? This makes us some of the more popular Officiants with the many professional photographers in the area. (NOTE: Do keep in mind that some churches have rules regarding ceremony photography and you should check with the venue.)

I am paying for a “Package” that includes everything but we’re unhappy with the Officiant they provide (preferred vendors list), can we still use your services?
Of course and good for you for not “settling”! As your ceremony is the main focus of your day, you should find an Officiant that is a direct reflection of the two of you and allows you to be creative in the ceremony process rather than someone the company has made a arrangement with. We do not contract third party nor do we become part of any “Package” or rate. We work directly with each couple to avoid any misunderstandings or leave the impression that we are part of a group. Sadly, many companies have back room handshake arrangements with wedding vendors and will only work with or refer¬† these individuals and even though you have paid a package rate and they will not be using “their” Officiant, more than likely they will not compensate or refund any part of their fee and you will have to hire me independently. This happens quite often and we would hope that sometime in the near future these types of companies (one stop shopping and backroom deals) will learn that the ceremony Officiant should be an independent process rather than making a big profit, if not for anything else other than; What’s best for the couple!

Do you overbook your day?
Not at all and as of today, we have never been late to a wedding! Sadly, some Officiants will and, if just one starts late or runs late, those that the Officiant has scheduled after suffer greatly. I plan my schedules around my couples needs. Unless asked otherwise, we arrive 45-60 minutes early to assure the couple that we are ready to go.

Do you attend the reception?
99% of the time, no. Lets be honest, in most cases the only two people we know will be the two of you and following the ceremony and during the reception, the two of you are rather busy (LOL). Finding the right table is also a tough one and your guests have no idea just who we are and how fun and contemporary we can be. This leads to no one at the table dancing, drinking, smoking or doing the chicken dance! We have learned over the years that this saves my couples a lot of money too. Take the per-head charge and enjoy a nice lunch on your honeymoon! (Note: Remember this as you interview Officiants, some require that their spouse attend as well (for the same reasons above) and you need to consider this for your budget and head count.)

What about references?
Sure, simply click on the links on the left to read reviews from both couples AND Wedding vendors..

What do you charge?
That’s one of the toughest Wedding questions most commonly asked and a tough question to answer without first talking to you and discussing your ceremony plans. I need to know what you expect from me too, like do I need to dress like Elvis or jump from a plane? The fees for Officiant services in the area are anywhere from $200 to $800. We’re in the middle of this average average. We’re not trying to avoid or side-step the question. You should meet with at least 3 Officiants and put the same amount of research into selecting your Officiant as you have for your table linens and cake. All we suggest is; just make one one of the three. we’ll even send you home with our ceremony handbook and paperwork you’ll need for your wedding… best thing is, the meeting won’t cost you a thing but a little time and you get to keep everything. Just our way of saying thank you for meeting with us and for your consideration. Plus, meet with us first and we’ll even give you the questions to ask an Officiant so you’ll be even more prepared for the other interviews. We don’t hide our fee and it’s found HERE.

Do you have a sound system?
This is a very tricky thing. There are literally hundreds of D-Jays and entertainment companies in San Diego and most claim to be able to provide ceremony sound and charge an additional fee to provide it. The most common mistake is; they won’t spend the money for the right equipment for the ceremony. Most place a wireless microphone (the one they use for the reception events) on a stand (or no stand at all) and viola! there’s the sound and they go back on focusing on the music portion. In our opinion, there is nothing worse that seeing a minister trying to juggle a book and your rings while trying to hold a microphone in his face (excuse me, can you hold this for a moment) or worse yet, all those beautiful ceremony photos with a big black microphone in your faces. Yuck! As a solution, if your sound professional does not have a lapel microphone, as a courtesy, we have a wireless AND a wired lapel microphone that we bring and use at no charge. Plus, we offer a sound system for the ceremony at a very low fee.. CLICK HERE for more info.

Wedding questions most commonly asked by our couples can be found on this page. Call us if you have additional wedding questions!